The Cossie Club offers a huge variety of activities seven days a week for members, affiliated members and guests. If you want to watch the live sport or racing we have two huge screens and the 190" Projector. 

There is a huge range of possible seating arrangements available for any of your functions ranging from fabulous weddings to fun filled birthdays.

So check out what’s happening at the Cossie in the next few months.

Weekly Events
Every Thursday Housie Starts at 1pm.
Sunday Housie - First Sunday of every month at 1:30pm.

Membership Draws!
2 x Friday Membership Draws 
Tuesday Membership Draw

Tuesday Membership Draw & Club Night!
1 x Draw - Self Funding Raffle - Meat, Cash, Raffles etc

Monthly Events
Sunday Dancing!               Bands!
        17th February              Ian Farmer 
        17th March                  Double Click
        28th April                     Chrystal Harmony
        19th May                      Ian Farmer
        16th June                     Double Click
        21st July                       Chrystal Harmony    
        18th August                 Ian Farmer
        15th September         Double Click   
        13th October              Chrystal Harmony
        17th November          Ian Farmer
        15th December          Double Click

Quiz Night!
Where: Main Bar 
Time: 7.30pm 
Start with teams of four registered by 7.15pm.